My name is Greg (Grzegorz) Kroczek . I’m Independent Sofware Developer. Below there are my professional skills bases on my professional experiences (from practical point of view). My full profile with containing professional skills You can find on linkedIn (LinkedIn link).

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Specialization: Independend Software Developer

Implementation of solutions for government institutions and agencies, army, banks, manufactures and telecommunication sectors

• Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – for microcontrollers (e.g. AVR ATmega, ARM ) and microprocessors in automatics steering process and other different practical applications
• Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – Developing software to Real-Time Analysis
• Fuzzy Logic: Fuzzy Logic Controller (PLC) for microcontrollers and single-boards in automotics steering process, FL in different practical applications
• Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Data Analysis and Prediction based on AI methods and high mathematic
• Machine Learning for high performance numerical computation and Big Data
• Real-Time video and image analysis with applying AI methods
• Implementation of solutions for banking, manufacturing nad telecommunication sectors
• Implementation of solutions for Polish and foreign Companies
• Designing, developing and implementing software systems production and another kind of solutions for differens sectors
• Developing software for government institutions and military (army)
• Developing software for medical industry
• System to cooperative with different Devices (Node.js + microcontrollers and mainboards)
• Embedded systems for Devices (Node.js + microcontrollers and mainboards)
• Monitoring of application development and adaptation of internal standards to ensure quality of the project
JavaScript & Frameworks: JavaScript & Frameworks: AngularJS, Angular 2,  Vue.js / Vue 2
• Node.js Frameworks: Total.js, Express.js, Feathers.js, Total.js, Sails.js, socket.io, Quasar Framework
• Quasar Framework: Android, iOS
• Ionic,  Ionic Beta: Android, iOS & Windows Phone App
C / C++ / C#