Engineering & Application of Möbius strip in practice

The properties of the Möbius strip are useful in various fields of engineering and many applications(uses) have been patented by different companies. The continuous looped tape with Möbius band structure doubles the recording time. One of company – B. F. Goodrich Company – in 1957 patented a production belt in the shape of a Möbius strip, thus doubling its strength twice as it wears evenly on both sides. This conveyor belt had the advantage over normal conveyor belts of spreading the wear on the belt over the entirety of its single side (Ibid). Normal conveyor belts distribute their wear over one of two sides. The Möbius conveyor belt thus lasted longer than a conventional conveyor belt.
Other patents of this kind that arise around the world include new designs of capacitors, surgical abdominal retractors, and self-cleaning filters in dry cleaning machines.

In physics/electro-technology as:
– A compact resonator with a resonance frequency that is half that of identically constructed linear coils
– An inductionless resistor
– Superconductors with high transition temperature
– Möbius resonator

In chemistry/nano-technology as:
– Molecular knots with special characteristics
– Molecular engines
– Graphene volume (nano-graphite) with new electronic characteristics, like helical magnetism
– A special type of aromaticity: Möbius aromaticity
– Charged particles caught in the magnetic field of the earth that can move on a Möbius band
– The cyclotide (cyclic protein) kalata B1, active substance of the plant Oldenlandia affinis, contains Möbius topology for the peptide backbone.

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December 19th, 2019