Node.js – Big Brands – Enterprises who successfully adopted Node.js


download PayPal reported 100% increase in productivity compared to the previous Java stack after switching to Node.js. PayPal created has own framework for Node.js named as Kracken  (
linkedin One of LinkedIn’s biggest win was the 10:1 ratio reduction in the number of machines used to host their services after switching from Ruby on Rails to Node.js
dj dj2When Dow Jones started implementing Node.js, 100 C# developers had to be reeducated into Node.js developers. A small team of experienced developers created a series of trainings and started to teach the C# team. As a result, Dow Jones was able to release 2x-4x faster, with around 1/10th the amount of code than before.
netflix-streaming-new-zealand Using Node.js at Netflix gave a productivity boost to the engineers and improved user experience for the customers.
wm Walmart served 500 million page views on Black Friday without a hitch. It became possible thanks to the highly scalable nature of Node.js. Wallmart created has own framework for Node.js named as hapi.js  (
nyt The video team at the New York Times uses Node.js for both the video API and maintaining the videos. The team tested Node.js for its non-blocking I/O Model capability and they experienced a huge performance boost compared to their PHP application.


Another Big Brands: Siemens, EBay, Yahoo, GE, BMW, GM, Citi Group, Sony, Intel, IBM


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May 13th, 2016