Vue 2 & Deep Machine Learning – Artificial Intelligence in Practice

The market for artificial intelligence is estimated at billons of dollars. Machine learning is breaking records of popularity. Artificial Intelligence begins to penetrate in more and more areas of life and economy. Recently, I created the Machine Learning component for Vue. The final solution will be used in the moblie application built on the quasar framework. So far I have not met the implementation of ML in Vue, so I decided to create my own.
The presented solution has many advantages:
1. Solution works in Real Time
2. It works on all browsers and is written in pure javascript and vue.
3. Uses live streaming from a webcam and, unlike some solutions, is not limited by web browsers
4. The component can use different ML models listed and compatible with TensorFlow Official Models (MobileNet, CocoNet, PoseNet, ResNet) and freely created by the programmer without the slightest problem.
5. Engine has the ability to take pictures from the camera of the captured object. If the object is detected, it is possible to take the whole picture with the subject in the background or a truncated photograph with the object detected.
5. An arbitrary time interval is set, thanks to which we take pictures every n-seconds.