Quasar Framework – How deploy and debug mobile application on physical device (IOS) e.g. iPhone


To  deploy and debug mobile application on physical device (IOS) e.g. iPhone, You should at the begining install ios-deploy module, by executing command. Very Important!!! Don’t use sudo in below command!!!

npm install -g ios-deploy

Next step, it is running our mobile application on physical device. It is possible by command with option –device, that means that we’ll work on physical device connected to our Mac station:

quasar dev -m cordova -T ios  --device

If during execute mentioned command will happen error like below:

– that means that You should configure signing profile on developer.apple.com, and next placed this informations into config file build.json of our project mobile application. All steps are described in section Build IOS .ipa version in post https://maxprog.net.pl/vue-js/1298/

Vue2 and Quasar Framework – one source code for browser and Mobile applications (.ipa – IOS and .apk – Android)