WordPress – protection against hacking attacks or intrusion attempts

WordPress is a sensational CMS platform for creating professional websites, enjoying great popularity alongside other frameworks. It is very often used by bloggers.
As it turns out, websites hosted even by external providers are vulnerable to hacking attacks aimed at taking over the administrator’s rights, changing or even removing the content of the website.
Putting wordpress behind firewalls, IDS systems, IPS does not always fully ensure the security of wordpress, which may be exposed, for example, to exploit attacks or certain “vulnerabilities” in security gaps.
Below I present great tool:
1. to protect against hacker attacks on our sites. 2.detects and blocks from wordpress all attempts to hack or take control over the admin’s account 3.monitors ip addresses and types of attacks
It works great in practice. In the case of attempts to take control over our website, the “delinquent” receives a message defined as in the screenshot below and warning about an unauthorized attempt to take over the administrator’s rights.

On average, several hundred attacks are carried out on the website of my blog https://maxprog.net.pl a day. Additionally, the module was installed for various organizations, companies and private persons – the system works great in practice.

Please click on photo to open in better resolution

June 23rd, 2021