Collision Detector for normal and difficult visibility conditions: limited view, difficult weather or night on microcontroller by using ultrasound (Sonar) sensor based on echolocation

I’d like to present my new project of prototype basing on raw microcontroller in Collision Detector for difficult visibility conditions:

a) limited view (the driver or object (robot, machine) has a limited view)
b) difficult weather: fog, heavy rain, smoke, snow, frozen or fogged windows or other factors affecting poor visibility caused by weather conditions or other factors
c)  night conditions.

Today evening will be placed movie from tests on Youtube

Microcontroller calculates the distance to the detected object by using ultrasound (Sonar) sensor based on echolocation.

System can be applied in many areas:
– parking vehicles and detecting free parking spaces,
– maintaining a careful distance while driving – fog, poor visibility, night, sleeping the driver
– parking boats or ships on port docks where visibility may be restricted,
– parking or reloading containers,
– moving around objects that store dangerous loads or things
– production lines in factories
examples can be multiplied

Source code is written in C language and bases on Atmel AVR controller without any Operating System (e.g. linux or similar dedicated). In opposite to raspberry this microcontrollers can works in hard conditions

System has defined three monitored ranges of distances:
a) Safe (distance<=100 and distance>50) – GREEN LIGTH, short tone of in buzzer 
b) Medium – Carefully (distance<=50 and distance>20) – YELLOW LIGTH, longer alarm tone in buzzer 
c) Danger (distance<=20) – RED LIGHT, high frequency alarm tone in buzzer 
when the object is more than 100 cm away then the system does not monitor it and treats it as “out of range”.

Ranges can be changed according to assumptions and requirements

Operating principles:
1. After starting microcontroller – system monitoring distance using echolocations.
2. When microcontroller detects any objects in area and distance will be in three monitored ranges then system inform about probability of collision according to distance by switch-on correct color light and system alarm. System can also push information using other other means of communication: wireless, serial or other available communication
3. if there is no collision of objects (based on defined ranges of distances) – the system does not inform about this state

Collision Detector during Day:

Collision Detector during NIGHT:

February 22nd, 2020