Total.js for run pure html files – index.html without @body and @layout

Your projects written under different technologies and frameworks like angularjs, angular 2, react.js, vue.js etc.  can running without any problems with pure and not changed index.html file by @body and @layout tags. In this way we simplifier automatic deployment process for instance with using webpack, react and angular 2,  where we generate destination bundled and compressed files with links located in index.html. In this situation You don’t need to add  @body and @layout tags to run on total.js server. The only one think to do is configuration total.js config file.

This solution is possible thanks to one line in config file, with default-layout parameter and empty assigned value.

Please take a look into attached screen:

To avoid problem with totaljs’s default compilation bundled and compressed js files You have to only add following lines:

You can see on my company homepage pure html files that works perfect on total.js where is used html with cooperative with bootstrap
July 28th, 2017