[Solved] Quasar Framework – problem with deploying or crashing mobile application on IOS after fresh installation of quasar


After fresh installation quasar-framework on OSX System (Apple machine) or generating new project, sometimes happens few situations:
1. Error during compilation and deploying application to iphone, simulator
2. Crashing application during debbuging or executing  only on ios system after using below command:

quasar dev -m cordova -T ios -e iPhone-7


Problem described in  first issue is related with missing osx module gradle. To solve this problem You have to execute command in admin mode, the problem will not happens once again.

brew install gradle

Solution on the second one problem, is regarding with missing parameter -t ios  in execute command. VERY IMPORTANT!!! Take a look at capital letters/characters

quasar dev -m cordova -T ios -t ios -e iPhone-7


March 9th, 2018